Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Ganges will still be crying for its falling temples

When the half-hearted Burma's capitalism was drilling the country’s resources to the avaricious swallowing of Big Head, the communist China's road to capitalism has raised its people to unprecedented growth. For Confucius’ people, economics seems to be more important than politics. Actually, the non-genuine nature of Burma's capitalism has shut down itself from globalization and authentic trade liberalization. The investment climate became desiccated like the Arabia deserts. Before I studied here in America, by seeing China’s affluent society I innocently thought, what Burmese required from Big Brother was not Democracy but generous trade liberalization.

The lay man's thinking can probably be cleverer than the smart people in many cases. But we also need to go a little deeper for verifying our common sense. In “Global Inequality”, David Dollar warned me seriously that trade liberalization alone would not work for Burma. China, India, Uganda and Vietnam are doing well in economy catching up with free trade liberalization in this globalized arena. Mr. Dollar said that Burma can not be expected to happen the same because Burma doesn't possess strong institutional structures to support free trade and open economy. Thinking conversely, as long as there are weak institutions granting the big head unbridled power and privileges for its exploitation at the small head, Burma will still fall behind the rest of the world.

To much more surprise, maybe a beginning of harmony from discord, Thomas Pogge added that this was not the mutually exclusive fault of Burma from the rest of the world. Under the existing global rules, the design of the global institutional order itself was the CRITICAL cause for the development of the problems of the world poverty. He said even the most blatantly illegitimate regime like Burma military junta has full entitlement to sell the country’s resources abroad all in the name of the country’s people. Of course, the trouser people always referred themselves as Burmese. There is not even a small trace of institutional structures in this globalized world to hinder this kind of gravely unfair evils' imposture over the people.

Today, the world biggest communist China and the planet largest Democracy India were two big patrons of “Burmese” who always protect this fatherless child from so-called abuses of the Western dominance. Apparently China and India adopts this kind of foreign policy because these two economic men of Asia think Burma economic pie as the zero-sum game. They are afraid that their current economic pie from the military junta will be lost if the Western investment comes in. For me, Chinese and Indian people were short-sighted economists who knows only how to sell the volatile products: they want to do the business on the spot and want to get money outright never thinking for twists and turns in the long run. If Asoka forthwith pays his ruby, Mao will sell a dragon without delay.

In his so far immortal,” The World is Flat”, Thomas Friedman complacent his fellow Americans’ anxiety over growth of China. He said the more developed China is, the much bigger market size will be the US because now, the more developed China has more purchasing power to consume the US products. I would like Chinese and India leaders to see how the world has already become flattened and change their current “ruby at once and dragon at once” thoughts. According to the spatial correlation theory, the US’s biggest trade partner was the developed and its bordering Canada. I believe Friedman's theory is a universal and timelessly true principle to be applied everywhere in the world where people always want to see themselves as different and couldn't find out a harmony. Imagine the opulent spending tendency of Burmese and how much aggressive in business doing nature of native Indians and Chinese in Burma. The developed Burma in the long run will inevitably and dramatically expand Asoka and Qing Shi Huang’s market empires to many times the size of the current scopes who are pathetically trying to divide a small piece of cheese under the scorns and pointing fingers from many parts of the world.

Allowing to transform Burma into the model of Western democracy and foreign investment is indeed, a win-win situation for both countries and Burma. The world is still too young to be unstinted from barbarian self-interest, a vision to find harmony, and to seek a bonhomie of brotherhood and justice.

To cap, Burma has fallen a victim to the prisoner's dilemma from materialistic thinking of two Asia superpowers. These two Asia superpowers may probably envision themselves that they are so smart for their people. In reality, they are still the jungle men. When the jungle men see a hen, they try to kill at once and eat at once. They have never thought of the wise men's way of letting the hen alive so that those wise men can enjoy the chicken eggs forever.

"Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day", Lao Tsu, the Taoism founder of China, had ever said. "Teach a man how to fish, he will eat for the whole life", Lao Tsu had directed his Middle Land fellows a universal truth. Nevertheless, China has never been a country to accept Lao Tsu's idea of trying for living honestly with the nature. In India, Swami Sukhabodhananda said “One’s effort becomes divine when where one is able to convert his business into a temple and not a temple into a business”. The Ganges River will still be crying with silent tears for the coming temples converted into business as the world will still not be a divine.


Sabai said...


U are wrong to say China is doing well in economics.China itself is also a snake with two heads. Disparity between classes are very large in China (also in India).

They are also Big Head and small head of your two-capita snake.Not so different from Burma.

Investigator said...

Ma Sabai,

How can you say disparities in China and India are very large? Are you saying just by common sense? To be scientific, you should say an argument with some measurement and proof.

Mg Moe Kaung

Sabai said...

I appreciate that you say an argument should be supported by measurement and proof.But do you notice that in Rwanda genocide,an American social scientist was still trying to confirm genocide by her measurement while all the country was apparently in the turmoil of hell pathetically asking the international community for help?

But I am not talking just by my common sense for China and India. Disparity can be measured by an index called GINI coefficient.
You should learn by yourself how these indexes are so high in these two monsters of greatest civilization in Asia.

Ko Nyan Lin said...

Dear Ko Burmakin,

I have to debate you.You seem to think that the thought revolution is the knack point for transition of Burma.I appreciate your good heart but I need to say you have destitute vision on the grounds of Burma and Burmese Buddhism.

Burmese already are thought revolutionized.Inferring dependent origination (Parittsa Thamupadda),all Burmese Buddhists realize that our world, heaven or hell is an illusion that is just a flicker of a happenstance in your mind.We know that there is no real I or you, he or she, man or woman and animal and angel(Pragmatta Tittsa).All these things are just a fabrication of the matrix of your mind.

There is no more superior standard of thinking than this kind of our Burmese Buddhists' society knowledge. Then what else you need Burmese to resurgent against their already superb thoughts?

One key point, if you so far not know, I will tell you.Buddha himself was the revolutionary hero for orthodox Hinduism.After 1000 years of Paritnibban of Buddha,the abbot,Buddhagauta of Sri Lanka revolutionized against the old Buddhism history of by-heart learning by his commentary explanations of orthodox doctrines.In 20th century,Father or our modern Buddhism, our Burmese abbot, Lei-ti revolutionized against the Srilanka doctrines by pointing out the mistakes of Buddhagautta.The bugs and moulds of old Srilanka doctrines are purged out by Lei-ti's erudite writings and Buddhism became an absolute purity in Burma.In the modern world, we Burmese hold hegemony over philosophies,Codex and tombs, and spiritual practices because of our thought revolutionists(starting from Buddha,Buddha Gauta to Lei-ti) who engendered the uprising against orthodox thoughts.

Friendly and frankly saying to you,you are like a inconsequential physical therapist who is trying to sooth a medicinal oil on the non-inflamed part of the patient's body.

May Burma said...

Well it is of great pleasure to witness some discussions of wise Burmese abroad. Much honored to be witnessing you all.
Mg Moe Kaung seems not to have travelled wide.
Disparities everywhere especially in India, China, Russia and many other places. First experience for me was in Bangkok, Jakarta, Philippines.
It is now getting apparent in Yangon.

It is of no different from Buddha's days I believe.
But I see the disparity in UK and US as well.
Chicago , London and Nottingham, UK.

Makes me wonder what are we talking about wealth here? mental , physical or material????

There is no way you can equalize everyone's karma.
That is Buddhism , everyone depends upon their own deed, karma.

You can increase the basic standard of living by investing in infrastructure.

The rest left for charity, dana and religion to sooth the soul.

Ko Hla Shwe said...

Dear Ma May,

I think the intention of Burmakin is to disabuse the conventional thinking of Karma of Burmese people.This Karma concept makes down-trodden Burmese to contentedly accept their suffering, and freely sanction the disgusting military aristocrats (their wifes,sons, daughters, son-in-laws, daughter in laws---Shwe Taw Myo Taw Chauk Taung = 60 thousand relatives)to legitimately enjoy their unfair privileges as their benefits of Karma.If you are interested, please see his article why some animals are more equal than others.

I don't know whether or not he can uproot this conventional acceptance of Karma in Burma but his sharp eye to find out the root of the problem in our insipid and insidiously choking-to-die Burmese society is a wonderful one. The military leaders of Burma are the somnolent pigs (Wet Vainsar Twe) and people are hypnotic victims under "this Burmese way of Buddhism" that is actually an ignorant fallacy or probably one of the initial architects in building this devious social matrix of Burma.

Ko Nyan Lin @ CT(cynic terminator) said...

Dear Ko Hla Shwe,

Both you and Burmakin are the cynic.So pessimistic and trenchant.
Your tone is abasing our Burmese people.

Be positive in your attitudes to see the world.Be constructive instead of your malicious and destructive minds.

There is no evil network in Burma's society.There is no conventional wisdom to be uprooted because our traditional Buddhism is the purest and the wisest in this world.

Burma is the country safely guarded by the compassion and enlightened dhamma of Buddha.This is the land Sarsana is dazzling.Burma will always be free from three great famines.This is our great land,our great tradition,our great civilization and our great people.

Takimyo Hey! Doe Myanmar

May Burma said...

Hi all, thanks for the discussions. I have not read the famous animal farm or have read in detail what's in this blog so you have to excuse me if I have missed some points.

Like the self proclaimed terminator said, if anyone blames the passive aspect of buddhism for what we are today as the LDC in the world accepting mismanagement of the generals, I will have to defend our religion. Let it be what we are today, let us be the poorest in the world but ignorantly happy and peaceful.

The western culture, weather and religion makes people unsatisfied, unhappy. They are always fighting to have the best, change their environment, inventing things, building societies all the time.

We are not and we stay as we are ploughing with cows like thousand years ago.

The only problem this time is the non fruitful acts and help called sanctions.

For them we are pygmies. They think we have no institutions. Under British we have better systems than Vietnam or Thailand.

The general public is capitalist and conservative. The few educated were leftists. They always give trouble to the country.

I pity them and all for all the misunderstanding.

Excuse me if I have offended anyone but these are my short notes.

I am a simple Burmese.

MG said...

Dear May,

Thank you for your active and candid discussion.I like to provide a link of the article written by Dr Thant Myint-U.,0,2257294.story?coll=la-news-comment

All the best,

MG said...

Sorry May. The link doesn't work.

I hope this one will work.,0,2257294.story?coll=la-news-comment


MG said...



May Burma said...

Dear Mg

I have read some reviews of U Thant's grandson's book and articles. Having lived all my life in Burma, I do not need to know in detail about my country from foreign scholars though they are related to our country's leaders. He made sense more than Su Kyi who also was a western scholar.
There is a major gap from their parents times to the present generation is the main problem.
This bridge, we have the duty to construct daily.

Ko Yan Naing said...

Thanks for this post.China and India needs to understand the win-win situations for allowing democracy in Burma.More important is our barbarian military dictators themselves who always hold the strategy of the zero-sum game rather than thinking for win-win for both sides.I pray that the Burmese could find a harmony of the win-win solutions in the future.