Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The apology of Burmakin II

Liberty as moral choice

King of Angels: Well, my son. The course of true love did never run smooth. While I was debating against Paharada, the chariot began to escape from the gravity field of the earth. The jaws of misfortune were devouring me and my missy dear up.

Burmakin: This means you had escaped the exosphere, the last layer of the atmosphere that projects into the space. Successfully, you had swayed the arrogant heart of Grand Madam to you hoary guy, leaving the courageous heart of Paharada at the Meru gates. How Heaven suddenly turned into hells?

King of Angels: The exosphere is the most tenuous layer where the air is so thin and the temperature is so low. Your grand madam was just born as a sixteen years old, and her body system was not adapted to abrupt change in these harsh climate conditions. How now my love? Why her cheeks so pale? How chance these roses did fade so fast? Suffering from cyanosis, she was then panting to death. Pounded by her deadly sickness, the time of lovers' flight still did coneal. Through the Meru gates, could I be able to steal?

Burmakin: Why you didn’t haste to Tavatainta?

King of Angels: I couldn’t. The top of Mount Meru was still far away. Just before trouncing the harsh climate in this remaining journey, my lady dear was sure to die. However, Matali once showed me a shortcut for the way back to our kingdom. So I swirled the Suria into this leapfrog route. By that time, Paharada completely stopped his chariot, was in a daze by my puzzle and was also perplexed at my change in direction.

Burmakin: I ever know that this shortcut route is a forest where garudhas (dragon killer birds) are living. Through this way, you successfully retreated to save the life of Grand Madam?

King of Angels: Hmm, as I said the more true you love the more pangs you need to overcome. Unfortunately, it was coincident with the seasonal delivery time of garudhas.

The thermal radiation unleashed from the running wheels of Suria’s Chariot was scorchingly hot. This would murder all young garudha neonates whose bodies were too featherless and too silky to endure this hellish heat.

Burmakin: Your majesty, despite the fact that you are so famous to possess 1000 eyes and 1000 ears, I think you were so chary this time. You were now getting into vacuum. How could vacuum transmit heat to the garudha neonates? Vacuum has no connector molecules to carry heat from your fireball Suria.

King of Angels: Nope my son. In the realm of garudhas, there is a thin medium that can transfer heat. That was also one of the reasons why I drove to this route. My missy patient can be relieved from sheer coldness of vacuum while we were projecting through this way. However, I couldn’t kill my kids. They were also my children. I am their king. I am the father of their Devas’ world. It is my responsibility for not doing any unfair action that will threaten the security of their lives. On the other hand, your grand madam was destined to die if I didn’t drill my monster to this route. Quick bright things came into confusion. Life was as momentary as a sound, was as swift as a shadow and as short as any dream. Death could be so unseemly, as tedious as sleepless nights, was as opaque as a smileless moon, and as untouchable as an endless dream full of sighs.

Burmakin: You were at that time fighting a war against Ausras. There was a saying “In war and in love, there is nothing that is unfair”. You should not lose your love if you had invested hundreds of human years of your spared time to win the love of Grand Madam. You should also not lose the war once you started to fight. If Grand Madam were to die on the spot, you would be bewildered with so much regret. Distraught with deep sorrow for Madam, you were already a dead person tied up with the ropes. Then Paharada who had not turned back yet would easily seize you up. Your Devas' kingdom then lost the war to Asuras. Probably, fairness and unfairness depends on circumstances.

King of Angels: My son, as a matter of fact, I need to say the grave misconception that drives your Burmese under the military boots was that concept, indeed. In your Burmanization to understand morality, you Burmese used to discriminate and say “the earthy is earthy and the spiritual is spiritual”. In fact, there is no principle of unfairness that is exempted for circumstances of the earthy world. There is no principle of fairness that should not be applicable to circumstances in the earthy world. If Karma is a choice, humanity blesses us with freedom to choose, that is called liberty. However, liberty does not mean sauciness and frivolity. Liberty doesn't mean impudence and boldness with whimsical reasons deprived of ethics . What is the liberty as the dignity of human beings different from animal instincts, my son? This is moral choice that is the core philosophy of the awakened Lord Sakya Gautama. Born as the creatures in the sphere of Kama, we need to inquest what is the real liberty for we kama creatures in our societies? My stripling son, liberty in a society can not be dictated by God or Buddha or a communion or collective wisdom. In fact, liberty is just capability. A society that builds upon the primaries for granting individuals being able to access a moral choice of their own is a society of real liberty. The capability to pick up a moral choice for yourself is the real liberty of yours, my dear son.

Actually, for Sujata, my sweetie' s sake , run through fire I will. I was so out of breath in my fond chase. For hundreds of years, all my powers had addressed her love and might. And to be her knight! Was my missy dear dead or asleep, I didn't know. However, the more my prayers should I chase, the lesser was my grace. Dwelling dilemmas had to be swept away perforce. Only by a choice for unyielding moral freedom!

My dear son, either to be seized in prison, to die the death in war, or to abjure whom you adoringly love, that is the society to be a man. War, death and sickness did lay siege to my moral freedom not to be unbound. Still there was a choice of sympathy on this dank and dirty ground. I was fully awake!

Burmakin: So what you did? Just let Madam die in this way. You were a shamefully irresponsible person. She departed her country for great love for you old man. You even didn’t value her as much as fledgling birds of your country. For your unstinted honor of moral purity , you thought you were very fair to sacrifice an alien maiden in this way. You were so selfish and coward like military dictators of Burma, your majesty. You were as foolish as a person who changed a dove for a sparrow! Wherefore was she to this keen mockery born? When at your hands, she deserved such scorn? I thought you lord of more true gentleness!

Queen Sujata: My grandson, this guy was not that cruel to me. Only I had been so bad and insane to him when I was a crane in the life before. For his evergreen love for so house-proud and so arrogant me, this old frost had been tussling so tired with my headlong stances for such long hundred years. It is only me, the aboriginal human Sujata who didn’t realize his love, who turned a deaf ear against him, and who never prayed for our reunion. Of course, I loved him very much but it seemed that I didn’t love his words of wisdom. I used to crave the beauty instead. I was the youngest of all. I was just used to know how to laugh freely. I just was happy how to dance in liberty. I probably was never smart in making a moral choice in my youthful beauty.

Burmakin: But he was thinking that he would let you die for the sake of his garudha fledglings.

Queen Sujata: Marga since the human life was a witty person to surmount life-or-death crises. He drove the chariot back to where Paharada was watching him.

Burmakin: Ola la! Was he becoming mad in crazy love for you?

Queen Sujata: This was a correct choice, my son. Turning back the chariot means we were now getting back into the atmosphere. Atomic oxygen was there. The exosphere was somewhat warmed by thermal radiation released from Suria. I was immediately resuscitated. However, I was still in deadly serious condition if we didn’t go down enough to get the warmer air in time.

Burmakin: But you two will be arrested at the hands of Paharada as the Titans' General was on the way.

King of Angels: A funny thing happened my son. When I turned back my chariot to the direction of Paharada, Paharada thought that I was coming back with my troops to kill him. So he lashed up Rahu to run away from me. Ha Ha Ha, this is our devas’ universe full of parodies.

Queen Sujata: This is not a funny piece, old and ridiculous guy. I was choking to death and you could still laugh at this event. If I could not get down to this life-saving atmosphere in time, I would die upon the spot. His old model Suria was not safe to bring me down fast enough to save my life.

King of Angels: Exactly. So this time the one who pursued was not Paharada and it is me who was now pursuing Paharada. Well, imagine my son. Now a small turtle is chasing a racing hare. Still so funny, indeed!

Queen Sujata: My grandson. As you said this guy is a classical hero for love. He besought Paharada to bring me down in his chariot. Paharada snapped , “Marga, I could bring Princess in my chariot. But I am not an emergency medical worker. I am the Chief General of Asura titans. Remember that we two kingdoms are doing the war. While I was embracing Princess from your hands, you can chop my head off. Then you will usurp my chariot and also save Princess’ life. I will not be that dumb to let you exploit such initiative”

Burmakin: Yes, it makes sense. So what Paharada went on saying?

Queen Sujata: Right, Paharada was a very precautious person that is why he won many battles in fighting Devas’ kingdom. Your majesty was actually very afraid of him.

Paharada now forced him to surrender first before he brought me into his Rahu.

This hoary-headed frost now made a bold choice for his enduring love for this young girl. He surrendered to Paharada for the sake of my life. Well, my son. The King of 33 devas was now arrested in the hands of Asuras. Paharada drove his Rahu chariot back to the Ocean, me as an emergency patient and Sakka (King of Angels) as a war prisoner.

(To be cont… another paradox… the solution to the previous paradox will be posted soon)


Karaweik ကရဝိတ္ 妙声鸟 Alvin (Sumedha) said...

Aha... in calculus, this is akin to the laws of simple harmonic motion!

I'm now waiting anxiously to read the next part of the story where the direction of travel reverses again, where the King brings home the Queen.


Anonymous said...

fantastic! carry on bro!

Stella said...

so beautiful, buddy how you wrote it!

"Life was as momentary as a sound, was as swift as a shadow and as short as any dream. Death could be so unseemly, as tedious as sleepless nights, was as opaque as a smileless moon, and as untouchable as an endless dream full of sighs"

many to be wandered about life and death. why should spirits of mortality be so proud!

Burmakin said...

Thanks Stella, this is exactly what I like to say "why should spirits of mortality be so proud?".


Anonymous said...

you said capability as liberty and liberty as moral choice. Can you bat around these ideas in next post.

Rinzen said...

Life as a dream. reminding me of what Trungpa said

" the experience of oneself relating to other things ( the world) is only a fleeting thought. Generating these fleeting thoughts fast enough, we create the stream of life- that is illusion of continuity and solidity. Like seeing a flowing river-river you are watching has never been existent, Like watching a movie, the individual film frames playing so quickly that they generate the illusion of continual movement. Then we build this preconception, perhaps the first chain of "the dependent origination" cycle or ignorance- the awareness of self, and we misconstrue these fluxes as solid, persistent and perennial. We manipulate our thoughts in this way to confirm a sprawl of our life, and are afraid of any contrary evidence - suffering, sickness and death. It is the fear of exposure, this denial of momentariness- impermanence (anicca)that imprisons us"

In my self-experience of deep learning and meditation, this is samsara, the endless cycle of momentariness,where we ourselves create those fleeting desires, and from which we can never escape as long as we believe in our primary convention, that is, the solidarity of our own reality and that of the others ( the world's).

I wish may all good or bad, rich or poor alike see these noble truths.

your dharma colleague,

Karaweik ကရဝိတ္ 妙声鸟 Alvin (Sumedha) said...

Ah... yes, endless cycle of momentaries... well said!

The to-and-fro movement in simple harmonic motion indeed arise from projection of uniform circular motion of general equation x(t)=A cos (ωt + ϕ)

This is another wonderful analogy of cycles which locks us in repeating pattern... until a tangential escape from that circular motion is applied.

May all be blessed with being able to escape the cycle of births and death some day.

MG said...

Ill-bred Burmese regime! A stinging parody!

I also like to goad this ill-bred regime whose disgrace kiss-off Burmese nowadays still embrace.

"Cranks who justify themselves as divine" :)))