Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why Some animals are more equal than others? VI

In honor of Abraham Lincoln's bicentennial

(It will be very difficult at first to understand the contents of this story as this is an abridged material of the life-long learnings of the greatest philosophers on politics, science, morality and religion to be applied in understanding the rise of tyranny in Burma and many similar countries. I do not tend to hide the fact that this story is an intellectual and informative weapon for the effective blow against the Burmese regime who exclusively has exploited these similar tools of political and social sciences in controlling the totalitarian society of Burma. The current world has two classes, the informed and the not informed. The rule of the game is the informed can rule and always win.)

Bodhisattva Wu Kong was eagerly asserting his dogma of the way of Great Vehicle Buddhism as certainly right; at least it is much more right than the way of Small Vehicle Buddhism Sect. He argued that the small vehicle guys, Theravadists, are sluggish and egoistic, only working individually for their exclusive higher achievement of one’s selves in spirituality, and all other merits and virtues as well. This egoism of Small vehicle path ignores the altruism for everybody else. For that reason, the society that follows the small vehicle path has less family and community spirit, less harmony and less fraternity towards each other, tending to create chaos in their lives and anarchy as ultimatum in their society, that is partly the result of their original wrongful acceptance for “some animals are entitled to be more equal than others”; however, the truth is already paradoxically and concomitantly in their mind, there has been unconscious smothering dissent, with unexpressed complaint with ferment: ” why some animals are more equal than others?”. Totalitarianism or tyranny is able to enjoy the most in Theravadas’ society as this customary norm doesn’t find any culpability against the greater liberty of the stronger and the more arrogant, and their superfluous entitlement of the more equal has to be taken for granted, at least for the least equal ones, and the more equal have their exclusive divine rights for the foolproof benefits from their past-life good merits of divination.

When the lower classes of Theravadists, the peasants, the poor, the oppressed with no sufficient education, have a chance to uprise against aristocrats of tyranny, their original vehement was often erupted into anarchy; the proclivity of lower masses for complete destruction of all classes is revealed as the rebels’ ultimatum: this is because, their original principle for the entitlement of one’s own nirvana has irreparable weakness, not able to give a cardinal solution like Mahayanists, who are able to create a sound, satisfactory hope and harmony for all in their entrenched principle since the beginning, “all animals must be set to be equal; no one else is left behind. Some animals can be never, ever more equal than others”. The original principle of Mahayanism has its own significance in philanthropy, whereas theravadists don’t or never bother to take care of this. For Wu Kong, it is that pathetic, morally depraved, self-righteous and insane status of a worldly rejected sect of Buddhism.

Lincoln needed to speak, “Mr. Wu, for my personal preference, I would choose to be a small vehicle guy, how small he is for your Great Vehicle Buddhism Bodhisattvas”.

Wu Kong began to be irritated as Lincoln didn’t seem to follow his thinking.

“Are you mad, Abe? You were the greatest ever liberator in the human world. And you don’t want to be great again here in Heaven. You have reached the top of the morality in the human world. The perfect moral path of the greatest ever unselfish souls of Bodhisattvas is now welcoming you. Why are you willing to pick up a small trivial stone when you are able to pick a greater choice?”

“Pardon me, Mr Wu. The reason is I am forced to choose the individualism of this small Buddhist guy’s moral path as some sort of the minimal worst to humanity, perhaps, even if it may not be the best. Because there is menacing danger to humanity in choosing your greater path. I admire your great vehicle guy’s attitude of serving for all others. However, I don’t believe that all animals are able to be set to be equal. I also never have believed that all men are created equal.”

Wu Kong couldn’t tolerate more. He waved his hand. A very long iron rod automatically descended into his hand. He was snarling at Lincoln, pointing his iron rod at Abe’s hat, looking furiously at Lincoln with irate eyes as if he were going to crush the demons on his escort journey for his master, Hsuan-Tsang to Buddhas’ land.

“Liar, traitor, pervert!! You are heard to admire the revolutionary leader, George Washington as your idol, the founder of America democracy. You are the 16th president of United States to take the oath that you must with utmost your effort to protect your Constitution of Liberty, that claims its core ideology as All men are created free and equal, condemning the divine right of the King of England as absurd. We, Bodhisattvas’ world now realize that you are a feigned evil: without believing in the principle you defended, you were merely pretending to protect this principle. Hypocrite! Now the tale of your honesty is that of a chimera!” Wu Kong is angry speaking at Lincoln.

“I might be too honest to speak like this, Mr Wu. Perhaps, the statement of Thomas Jefferson, all men are created equal might be already wrong. However, it was to be written, not because Jefferson really believed in the same way he was writing. He was just trying to describe an ideal abstract that might be never impossible, or might never be an ever accessible metaphysical goal for us.” Lincoln started explaining the paradox of democracy.

“Why Jefferson needed to write this if this kind of an ideal goal is inaccessible and this is a message of unpractical unreality then?” Wu Kong asked Lincoln, still tense with trepidation from his anger.

“Let’s us inspect closely on this matter and strive to understand together, Mr Wu. Of course, it could not be denied that, human beings are, like other things in the world, in many respects, very unequal. Nor should we doubt that this inequality is of great importance, and even in may respects most desirable.”

Wu got attracted by those interesting words, relaxing his grip of the iron rod that intended to kill Lincoln, “ The inequality is said to be shameful and immoral.Why this inequality should be desirable?”

Lincoln smiled at Wu, perhaps one of the very rare smiles from him among those melancholies of his hard life and those immature struggles of America.

“This is the same answer for my choice to become a small Buddhist man rather than a big Buddhist man, Mr Wu. Please remember that I honestly described to you that there is menacing threat to humanity from your good will of serving the others to become equal. On the opposite side, this small vehicle attitude has, at least no harmful danger towards humanity, even if its ambition and results might not be sky-rocketing that much like the sharp minds of Great Vehicle Bodhisattvas. Perhaps, it even can be a small germination of individualism that is a favorable factor for the foundation of democracy.”

“Abe, as a life-long atheist, or perhaps for your very late concession to Christianity, you may be far left behind in the mental matters of the religion. Let's me tell you one thing I am proud of Abe. Buddhism has allowed our Bodhisattvas the supreme moral authority of this universe. We Bodhisattvas have already asserted this all-or-none laws of Karma, that is the decisive force of the destiny of creatures for the fate of living in their better or worse worlds. We say that Karma is just your will, not anything else. You might be mocking us that we are sky-rocketing in our will of this ambitiousness for all animals to become equal. I don’t understand what the fault of this will is. Why this sky-rocketing will is imminent danger to humanity? If Karma is just the will, and if this will is good, everything should be good. If this will is the best, everything should be the best. We have the greatest faith in setting all animals to become equal and perfectly rational as if we Bodhisattvas are. This faith will make us immortal, never tired, never out of energy for getting to our ultimate goal, the utopia of all inclusive Bodhisattvas in their ultimate evolutionary forms of all human beings. By that time, this heaven door of rationality is open to all of us, undeniably, that is our incomparable and collective happiness of all sentient beings. What’s wrong with this kind of path affirmatively supported by our greatest will and imperturbable courage?”, Wu Kong started his defense for the assertion that his Buddha kingdom’s dream for all can be really certain by this great(est) will, as he is affirmative in his Buddhist principle of “ the will, (intention, precisely motivation) is the Karma (creative force)”.

Abe sighed. His melancholy on the ignorance America was still not finished in Heaven. He looked languidly at this motivated monkey Bodhisattva who had this mountain-high ambition for the final salvation of all beings. He said these words gradually,

“The problem is, Mr Wu, irrationality. It is the problem of irrationality”.

(To be cont. how the road to serfdom of the mankind is arisen from the creed of the mind-set of Bodhisattvas)


Anonymous said...

Dear Burmakn,

Thank you for the story.Is this the Declaration of Independence or the Law of Constitution for the statement: all are created equal.

MG said...

For your banner, either inductive reasoning "from" nirvana or inductive reasoning "to" nirvana could be correct. A better term should be " circular reasoning with nirvana" but this may be difficult to be understood by most readers, for it is a rare technical term.

I am also thinking that "moral futurism" is the most dominating social force for society of Burma. Yes, we should not also ignore that this languidness and lethargy of the failing Burmese society has also its inflicted burden of this chronically infected " moral futurism". Moral futurism is very bad for Burmese and Burmese are addicted to this disease. However, it does not pose any danger to the global community so I can agree to the "moral relativism" as the worst dogma in Burmese society. In this premise, it needs to be added that "moral relativism" of Burmese is still not erupted as it is overwhelmed and controlled by the "most relative moral relativism" of this putrid military regime's behavior and its cronies. I am afraid that if democracy is able to be achieved and the result of obtaining democracy is the " eruption and explosion" of the moral relativism of all Burmese animals' societies, I will rather like to choose myself to be living to the end of my life under this despicable military dictatorship than this future most ignorant age of Burma in its perfectly metamorphosed form of moral relativism by again committing its misinterpretation on "Liberty", as usual.

Ko Moe Nyo said...

Hi Burmakin & MG,

You could say the main cause why Burmese fall the victims of military dictatorship in 1962 was this moral relativism. The division of AFPFL, the separation demands from ethnic groups,the government's declaration of Burma as Buddha's nation,meanwhile the arrogant military leaders, but it is surprising there was not a philosopher; and this is right, this was exactly the misinterpretation of Burmese on "Liberty". The truth is this misinterpretation was a big price, until now Burmese have had to live the slavery of the military boots. Liberty in its wrong sense is, exactly the road to serfdom.

Anonymous said...

A looking insane but marvelous thought! The ideology of Marxism is the need for the change in the method of production that is achieved by class struggles. This author's thought on Buddhism as the dormant forces in class struggles of Buddhist nations is a big surprise!

Amita Dewry said...

All major world religions have "salvation for all" promises.
What this author wants to criticize, "Equality for all", is a pure metaphysical goal,that is not testable and can not have demonstrable evidence. My sincere advice is such metaphysical positions should not be argued and criticized.Objective knowledge is the business of sciences,however, metaphysics is not so.