Sunday, November 15, 2009

The apology of Burmakin VI

Update: An excellent material strongly connected to the contents of yours truly post was expressed in the review of Ernst Mayr’s Darwin’s influence on modern thought from the Scientific American web on November 24, 2009.

Your majesty, before you are going to illuminate the profundity of Bodhisattva Vesanntra 's reason in this incredible renunciation of his own children, I do like to know what you want to mean by schizophrenic historicism of our Burmese.

King of Angels: Well, my son. This is what Buddha told your monkeys' pedigree from the very beginning, "No man is angel so there is none who is not a fool" ( ပုထုဇၨန ဥမၸသက)
. The Teacher alerted you the bad need of relentless consciousness of your human tribe's inclination of degenerating into this imbecile, fanatic, irrational mentality from the beginning. All those thousands of years, I have been in frustration to see how your so-called Buddhist tribes have been pounding the universal Dharma of the Teacher into your tribalism, collectivism, nationalism, historicism and totalitarianism and eventually into fascism. Your current Burmese military dictatorship and not unusual failures of your sporadic revolutions have been afflicted by all those characters
of the legacy of your irrational reasoning
supported by witching yourself with prejudices that you want to justify as self-evidence.

Burmakin: I am not willing to concede your point, your majesty. If men are angels, no government is necessary to rule them. James Madison in the doctrine of Federalist justified the need of a government. He argued that a very difficult problem of a government is to control the people it rules, but a more difficult problem for that government is to control itself. The harmony between people in society and its government is a doctrine of necessity, and a Spirit is necessary as a control device to make the government and people homogeneous. Of course, totalitarianism is wrong indeed and the Burmese totalitarian military government is absolutely on the wrong side of history, however, I find no wrong point in the rule of nationalism and historicism for the security, integrity and the progress towards a sound evolution of a particular society.

King of Angels: Let me explain you step by step, my son. The difference between an evil thought and a saint's thought is not more than just a hair-split in its subtlety of distance. Let me ask you a few questions first. How do you notice the concept of Karma as understood by your Buddhist tribes?

Burmakin: I don't think the popular opinion of Karma that has been shaping the norms about humanity of Burmans has any trace of the original meaning of Buddha. We think Karma as Fate and the definite necessity of pure reason, not a choice or the pragmatic action of practical reason. If this interpretation of Karma is true, there is not any difference between Buddhism and Hinduism, where the former's manifest of destiny is Nirvana and the latter is Bhrama, just the cant verbosity of different expressions of the same perfect morality. Disappointingly, a pre-Socratic philosopher, Heraclitus, illustrated the concept of Fate as the destiny of humanity in an exactly similar way our Burman tribe currently understands Karma in Buddhism.

King of Angels: In my heaven kingdom at the top of Mount Meru, we have a pagoda only for Buddha's hair in honor of his profound wisdom of understanding causality. However, we don't have any pagoda for the beard of Heraclitus for his elaboration of Fate. What the hell is going so wrong with your Burmese tribal Buddhism? If you are worshipping Buddha's wisdom for Karma as Fate, you are worshipping Heraclitus and, as a matter of fact, you are followers Heraclitus, and not of our Teacher. I am not sure whether you Burmans are Buddhists or actually, you are Heraclitusists.

Burmakin: The fetish for fate renders we Burmans fatality, as it is supposed to be. Nevertheless, we still think that Burmans are different from other races for our destiny of humanity in this aspect. We do hope that we have an ultimate flawless good fate since we do have the privilege to be patriotic in our fighting courage against the evils, we do have the great saintly knowledge in our pursuit of Buddhism for driving away the ignorant reasons, and we are the only race together with Sinhalese people to preserve the universal Dharma of Buddha to illuminate the whole universe time from time; we Burmans stand for this purpose, your majesty, no matter how much we are oppressed and threatened under these fascist military guns. See how we Burmans will revive again for our purpose for building the fraternity of all universal beings in your long life. U Htay Hlaing, a Burmese Buddhist scholar of repute, wrote in Man who will shape the world (ကမၻာကို ကိုင္လႈပ္မယ္႔သူ)
that at the Buddha's era of three thousand years, it is prophesized that every scene of the world is swarmed with all yellow-robed people everywhere. We Burmans will go for this godly fate of the whole heaven world, your majesty. We have a pure reason to be Burmans to be fast and to be strong ( ျမန္လည္းျမန္ မာလည္းမာ) patriotic, nationalistic for our ultimate Buddhist state. I am proud of my race, my nation, my cause and my destiny, your majesty, so are my fellow Burmans. This is the spirit of the age, the spirit of the people, and the spirit of our pure moral reason! Don't ridicule our Burmese national spirit that is for our decent history in your abstract logic, your majesty!

King of Angels: OK, my son. Let me ask you more.
What is this spirit? What is this spirit to be a Burman and how can you be certain that you have a pure reason to go for the moral rectitude of the whole world? Make yourself clear that for whom you as a Burmese hero have a reason to serve, the spirit or the people, or the history or the age? What kind of causal connections get you Burmans in this kind of the responsibility matrix as a Burmese race and raise yourself up with your thinking of the master's morality to determine the ultimate fate for all? Are you sure that do other races like Thais that once you defeated in war have just the slave morality to follow the consequences of your brilliant and incomparable actions from the master's morality?

Burmakin: I couldn't explain it in the way of Buddhist thinking about this spirit as Buddhism rejects the essence of a soul or spirit. But I may explain it by following the Hegelian doctrine. This great German scholar, who is the most influential philosopher of the age of enlightenment along with Immanuel Kant, said everything has an essence. This could be reasoned by observing their qualities: for example, it is perfectly reasonable that wood has a quality to float on the water and has the quality to be burnt. Of course, isn't it true that substances and beings have different essences that determine their different purposes? Essentialism guides us to believe that everything reasonable must be real, and everything real must be reasonable. Even Bertrand Russell, who was a giant skeptic, reasoned in his method of logic, that in a phrase like "Bismarck was the first German Chancellor", only German is real and everything else is an abstract. The term Burmese can be reasonable to be real at least. In the same way, the Burmese spirit is real to be reasonable. Can't you reason it, your majesty?

King of Angels: You have the liberty to think in this way, my son. As a matter of fact, the Hegelian doctrine about essence was communicated to Karl Marx for the construction of his theoretical premise of class struggles that annoyed your freedom of human civilization for many miserable years.

In the original philosophy, the beings those are different in their essences struggle for their evolution of the history that is the vigorous spirit for the aim of rationality. In the latter case, Marx, your father of social science, who was a sincere, a very bright pragmatic scientist, thought of the spirit on the materialism side that is economic interest. I don't want to blame their creative thinking in search for solutions of humanity as our Teacher was once before. The fraud lied in their method rather than their personality or intelligence that is to see the phenomenal norms as reality or essence or spirit. Well, my son, if you think there is a reason to believe that history has a life, spirit, reality to move toward something definite, you will be denied of your freedom and your equality for its demand imposing your sacrifice for this historical and spiritual disguise of equality for all.

Are you intending to say that history is not real and not an essence, your majesty. If history is not real, you are also claiming that these collective bundles, the Burmese nation, the Burmese state, and the Burmese race are also not real; and they don't mean any moral purpose, any purpose for material or mental development or hopefully the benefit of the whole pie of the world, your majesty. Are you leading us to infinite regress of nothingness of reductionism as much your majesty's Buddhist wisdom could fancy it?!!

King of Angels: Well, my son. Every argument conceivable in your human language has an equally valid counter-argument. I just want to say your presumption of the presence of Burmese history, Burmese nation, Burmese state, Burmese race and all your identity thoughts are not real, whenever you need the tools to attack upon this dangerous dogmatism of your violent spirit to justify your self-arrogance, your irrational acts, and induction of wrong methods for the elimination of this Burmese dictatorship, such as the justification of the war, or any irrational heroic sacrifice.

Irrational sacrifice means your claim for your action for the interest of the people, the state, or any collective bundle without accruing any benefit, just adding temerity and stubbornness to the piecemeal of violence and tyranny. In such case, the presumption of your Burmese historical spirit plays an overwhelming role such as you student as a special historical class has the responsibility to shape and lead the history, and you have a cause for the fighting peacock spirit to blood-fight against any unfairness, all leading to legitimizing the existence of your tyrant government, and the stronger justification and relapse of not less worse future totalitarian society than you Burmese are recurrently facing up unless you are enlightened enough to escape from those obsessive indulgences.

There is no fighting peacock spirit as such, my son; or no such dignity of serving an honorable history of your nation as a Burmese. All those are fanaticism, illusions, and chains that catch you up in the justification of your rumbling irrational conflicts and discriminatory spirits against each other, and bridled your society not from progressing to an open society of humbleness, respect for each other, and curiosity for learning, and awareness of criticizing your own thought and liable wrongdoings.

Let me repeat this important point, my son. If you have a cause of serving the history, you will be prohibited from freedom and reason. Well, my son. What does totalitarianism mean? This is a periodic revolt against freedom and reason. Indeed, totalitarianism means enslavement of rationality, my son. This is the triumph and humiliation of irrationality over rationality, my son. If you are fighting against the Burmese military dictatorship, I want to suggest that please fight for a catholic cause of freedom and reason, not for the irrational causes of those illusive, non-real my Burmese or our Burmese; my Buddhism or our Buddhism; my people or our people, and my utopia or our utopia state. Don't fight this vicious enemy from a very narrow angle of your schizophrenic fame as a historic Burmese student that is not any meaningful contribution to the probability of your chance of becoming an open society; actually any assumption of this peacock spirit is a ghostly regress of your civilization. Fight from the universal infinite angle of freedom and reason, and in both respects, you could be soundly reasonable that a rational being is not given any aristocratic moral advantage over any other for the vindication of his or her cause of an action. A peacock has no right to claim its dogmatic justification of its fight as moral from its status as a special class; but freedom and reason will do my son.

I come to realize our mistake, your majesty. In fact, in the Ocean of the endlessly open philosophy of Buddhism that negates any definite pattern of causality and deterministic effect, any entity as essence, any phenomenon as essence, and any causal connection as essence, we are thinking everything as real and definite, and indeed, it is a shame that we, Burmese, are paying the lip service of following Buddha's Anatta principle of non-essence. For us, mind is real; so it is, matter is real. Burmese is real, so it is, Burmese's spirit is real; a Burmese revolutionary history is real. A Buddhist is real, so it is a Muhamaddan is real. Everybody is different in their essence and this difference from each other is reasonable, so all these entities and causalities that are reasonable to be different are real. Although realism is to be respected in many instances for its functional connections, we need to be cautious that irrational realism leads to numerous irrational ways of justification of unreal causes, and self-inflict ourselves with the justification of denial of freedom, reason, and equality of fellow beings, that ends with a totalitarian society of our ultimate humiliation.

King of Angels:
Well, my son. This is the shadow of the ghost of the Buddhist universal monarch that is still haunting your society of Burmans. This is also the fancy tale of your Buddhist devolution theory of rise and fall of eons that is still enslaving your Burmese thoughts against freedom and reason, and impelling against any incentive for your progress but only surrendering to fate. This is another illusive historic dogmatism of the spirit of the fighting Burmese peacock, or General Bandoola who was stupid enough to be opulent to be killed under his golden umbrella, and all those kinds of schizophrenic historicism will lead to innumerable relapses of arrogance and violence in your social system, and blindness of your actions. Unless those devil pillars of the wrong arrogant totalitarian thoughts of revolt against freedom and reason are uprooted, I don't see any good prospect of your society in this age of extremely competitive knowledge struggles of civilization and serious need of an open society. I don't want to make any prophecy at this point, as I am the supporter of randomness rather than deterministic certainty. However, the probability is that you might not escape from your prevailing social problems, unless you have humbleness enough for criticizing yourself to see things as much as they really are, for things are never real in their reality.


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Natha said...

I appreciate writing on the real nature of Dh'arma.Buddha's Dh'arma are all convergent on Vipassna.

Vipassna = "Yatha Bhuta Dhasana" (ယထာဘူတ ဒႆန)= see things as real as they are (or) insight

A person really understands Buddha's teaching by absorbing his insight into what reality is. Gandha-Dhura (ဂႏၶဓူရ,meditation) is the essential component of Buddhism. This is also the cure of madness in all the sentient ones.It is very useful to illuminate the importance of this principle in daily social lives as well.