Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nothing in the universe to everything in the universe VII

In a relatively less-known Sutra, that I might call Vaidehi Sutra, Ajatasatru, the wicked prince, locked his mother Vadehi up in the prison in order to stop her from secretly carrying food to King Bimbisara. Vadehi prayed to Buddha saying that she wanted to be born anew and no longer wanted to live in this current world dominated by utter moral depravities. Indeed her own son was nearly killing her with full despise: she just escaped death by condemning her son that as far wicked as before, there were sons who killed their own fathers and thus had she never heard before a son should have ever killed his own mother. These words ashamed Ajatasatru so he abandoned his conceit of another homicide and just put her in confinement.
Buddha appeared in front of Vadehi in her confinement, saying that the Buddha Land (real world to be reborn and seen with the purest mind) in fact is not that far. From the highest non-other realm of the Buddha Land to the other lowest realms (31 relative stages of existence/ illusion ), Buddha expounded the practices that led to those different relative existences of beings.
The highest non-other realm, as Buddha described first for your practice to see the real nature of things is seeing the water. Water if you can see in pure mind is not water. It indeed is ice, the ice indeed is Lapis Lazuli (the Crystal Stone) that is the ground to support all existences (illusions). The Crystal Stone has eight corners, each corner carrying a hundred jewels, each jewel carrying a thousand rays, and each ray has 84,000 colors (this is a pretty scientific point of meticulous articulation to describe there is such a huge number of different color wavelengths) and from each ray there arises a billion of suns and so on... billions billions of universes.
Pretty surprised indeed, our universe, the space and time is just this cozy system of A Crystal Stone, a jewel, or indeed a ray reflecting a billion suns to form our illusions (our existences)? If it is not, how can giant stars be swallowed by an infintely small point called the Black Hole?

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