Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dummy Lady

Probably this was last year,
In our Burma independence ceremony,
My eyes caught by her beauty;
She was wearing
A yellow attire in her royalty

Probably, this has been
A lost piece from my memory
I resurrect her shape
Still so shadowy;
Groping her charm as originality
Beautification was
Just modesty

Probably, this was my ego,
Had I never seen
Erudite queens of beauty,
Ohnmardhanti or Papavati
Buddha himself had been nutty,
Still I said,
They were oblivion
In her reigning contemporary

I started quarrelling with my nerves,
Craving aggrandized to think
She is my destiny;
Dragging myself gradually to Beauty,
To my amaze,
Born were new opinion and unprecedented philosophy,
Nirvana was vaporized for humanity;
I was curious how her pre-life wishes
So cute to be;
Vigilant from far or near sight,
Unarguably she was the most pretty

To my luck,
One special day, in a dim hall of the guest dormitory,
Again this is she

A greeting with untold words,
A significant smile in her flickering lips
Seeing a bloom of love for a tyro,
My steps are now back to the age of chivalry

At last, I am at her distance not to be blind
Alas, I have a murmur,
This is the damn artist who carved his imaginary chime
She was an unseasoned sculpture.

Translated from Panputhuzar of Myoma Nyein by Moe Tee


Burma said...

Ko Aung Khine,

You don't say "to memory of Yadanar Win Htein in these RIT dormitory nights". Any way Ko Latt found a Panputhuzar at last no need of Win Htien's books no more.

Nyi Pu

Anonymous said...

My friend,

who is your panputhuzar then?
Did you find the number 2 planet girl that you mentioned to me?