Friday, November 2, 2007

Finding Siddartha's last days

Dear Ko Moe,

The first thing I would like to speak about myself is I have not so much pleasure in
studying in the United States.But I find great pleasure in learning a diversity of books that is not available in Burma. If I decide to stay in the U.S, the only reason is I cling to "availability of books" but not for the common materials that we all humans hook around up.

Another thing is I have not so much great pleasure in my standing.Sometimes I like to be a great Bodhisattva. Sometimes I don't like to be any great thing.Sometimes I like to have a girl friend or wife who can really tolerate my crazy luck and ideas and understand me with a smile. Sometimes I want to go back to the unforgettable teashop chatter with you.As I have ever confessed, I have no aptitude, no special ambition, no special target and likely to take a risk than anybody else.A paradoxical and very awkward man.

"Vitet, Boundary of imagination is the highest in its area and the lowest in its
intensity" particularly for me. I had got to the botanical garden of Washington. I sat under a very shady tree. The soft breeze coming through the green leaves enlightens me like Siddhatha's last days of life.I really found it, my vinyan(flash of mind) appearing under this tree supersedes every vitet I have had in my whole life. How many times and how many cycles of birth,do you have a chance to be peaceful and totally have equanimized your love about anything else.

The topic you are speaking is somewhat related or absolutely influenced by
existentialism. I can't deny (I think nobody can deny existentialism: U San Lwin's
greatest mistake is he tried to prove existentialism is wrong showing that he was not an arahat/saint) existentialism too. But I find a way how you can escape from the sequences in existentialism. Find the peace under a tree,and it is the practice of Nikhama(relinquishment) that Buddha has practiced several times in finding the way of liberation. Imagine yourself under a green tree while you are free from these tiring vitets. There is no wife, no son, no love but love for this peace and enjoyment to be free from vitet.

This is my solution

Thanks for refreshing my mindfulness,


Myo said...

My two cents,
non-forgettable -> unforgettable
equanimized(no such verb)-> equanimity

Anonymous said...

we should allow words to come from creativity and not from the spelling dictionaries.