Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Middle Way II

Story continued from Stinging Satires II:

Stepped in a hurry is the Minister of Vague Information and Antirational Thinking Enforcement, Kyaw Hsan, a short statured guy with an enormous bald head. The Burmese junta stops dancing.

“Please, Your Royal Highness, this lowly worthless creature begs your royal pardon for his unpardonable stupid interruption. This time, I have truly good news. We have caught him with all his pervert colleagues!”

His Royal Highness, PFO, frowned for a moment. “Fool. Who did you catch? A duckling from Rangoon Kandaw Gyi (Great Royal Pond)?”

“No Excellency. It is the heretic, Great One. With a menagerie of animals-a bull, a karaweik, a peacock and a grandiloquent lady from New York. This pervert and his clandestine animal group has been infecting our people with ugly rumors that your majesty’s holy slogan, Humanity is the body is fraudulent. Right now the pervert is chained to the wall in the antechamber of Traders’ Hotel, your majesty’s unaffected archeological sanctuary office palace in the Burmese Saffron Revolution. Shall I bring him in?” The minister bends his fluffy weasel-face into a sycophantic grin.

A smile briefly flickers across his Royal Highness’ visage. “Bring the dog in”.

The prisoner, ragged and bruised, but unrepentant, is brutally flung to the floor at PFO’s feet. “What is your name, dog, and who is your breed?” Rising to his feet and defiantly brushing the dust off his tunic, the prisoner looks his persecutors straight in the eye and proudly answers, “My name is Bamakin. I descend from an ancient line that traces its roots back to the 1988 students’ uprising in Burma. My ancestor was the prophet, Burmakin the Great”.

His Royal Highness, the servants, Burmse military junta and the Minister Kyaw Hsan, cloud over with uncertainty and fear, but recovering their poise, they laugh dryly. PFO talks. “Well, we now know how your ancient lineage has gotten you. But your existence offends us. The only question is how to eliminate your existence”.

The Burmese junta whispers to PFO. “Supreme Sir, we have time to execute him. Let’s me admonish you an inconvenient truth. The life streak of your lasting holy dictatorship depends upon how we can break down the psychology of a man rather than annihilating him completely from the public scene. We need to learn how he militates against our sacred slogan, Humanity is the body.

PFO nodded his head clueing the Burmese junta to begin his interrogation.

“My son, I am sympathized that your age is too young to be executed in the Black Hole at this sunset. For what kind of reason, you do have the courage to militate against the Supreme Sir’s invincible slogan, Humanity is the body”, the junta queued with a tone of half-malice and half-uncertainty.

“No, Humanity is not the body. This slogan is the misguidance, a blocking stone and opaque darkness to humanity, as worthless as a wanton woman’s promise.” Bamakin blows so harsh words.

“My son, be careful about your words. Everything in the universe doesn’t happen without our body. Your eyes are for the purpose of seeing, your ears are for the purpose of listening, your nose is for the purpose of sensing a smell, so and so for your six senses. Nothing in the universe happens to you without your nerves. Humanity is just the nerves. That is so simple to be noticed by any human sage before the Great Sir has risen up. Incredible enlightening of his Royal Highness for our world citizens to be on the right path that is unprecedented before.”

Kyaw Hsan piggybacks a score in front of PFO as he thinks the Burmese junta is in the winning position against Bamakin.

“Well, my small child, I believe you are a Burmese Buddhist. There is a very reputable Burmese Buddhist maxim to hold the whole enormous universe in a simple formula. ‘Try to search for the Dharma, and you find out that this is the body yourself’. Humanity is as simple as it is. There is no need to entangle this simple formula with your absurd human thoughts that is always biased and can’t be justified.”

“No. Humanity is not the body. Kyaw Hsan. This slogan is leading towards an egoistical philistine end. By no means, it deals with the universal justice. By all means, it justifies every mean to maximize the utility values of human beings that can be morally unsound. A maxim is to be accepted if and only if this can be vindicated as a universal law to serve for the destined purpose where the justice and fairness should strictly prevail”, Bamakin puts forward his clear stand against the slogan.

The Burmese junta sets in as boorish Kyaw Hsan doesn’t understand eloquent words of this enemy of the State. The junta firmly believes that to annihilate the psychological motivation of an enemy is more important than the physical termination.

“My son, you are thinking about this slogan only from one side. Your thinking is just one version of truths in its material perspective. Well, even this materialism perspective is the rationality of all our human beings. It is accorded with the canonic conservative economic theory that holds that people are rational beings to maximize their own profits. Why people want to maximize profits? Because they want to be as comfortable as possible. People want to be as much comfortable as they can, for they have the bodies to get into suffering. There is nothing truer than Humanity is the body, for our human beings are always instrumental for the tendency to avoid pain and to gain pleasure from what we act. Shunning from pain and seeking pleasure are attributes of basic physiology inherent in human beings. My son, don’t be that stupid to blame humans for their rationality to protect their bodies”, the well-experienced junta seems to be more eloquent than Bamakin, the stripling boy.

Bamakin is standing in a defiant pause. He begins to understand that all this overprotected military dictatorship of the Burmese junta has been set up upon the exploitation of fundamental psychological instrumentalism of human beings that is to avoid pain and to gain pleasure.

The junta thinks that he is now in the advantageous position over Bamakin. He arrogantly raises his voice to continue.

“There is another perspective to see this slogan in a completely reductionist’s view. We hold these truths to be self-evident that everybody has his own version of truth, many times as I, the Burmese junta, via Kyaw Hsan, boldly claimed to the international community in the past. You will be surprised how this multi-purpose holy slogan fits into another version of truth at one side that is sheer contrast to this philistine attitude at the other side. Well, my son, truth lies only in the beholder’s eyes. Truth will sway when time passes away

“You, the Burmese junta, have so much effrontery to say everybody has his own version of truth. OK, let’s me listen to your another version of truth,” Bamakin encourages the junta to speak more.

“Let’s us understand another perspective to realize Humanity is the body. The question here is Can there be a meaning in life which is always unfulfilled, unsatisfactory for quenching the thirst of our bodily desires; whereas there, our body, is also full of pain, suffering, sickness unavoidably leading to ultimate death? Tell me, my son, can we find a real meaning in life in our body that is always swamp with pain and pleasure. There is no purpose, no meaning and no value in a human life in this perspective. People who don’t like the philistine end can hold this perspective as another version of truth.”

As usual, Kyaw Hsan piggybacks his boss’s words.

“There is an enlightened Bumese Buddhist maxim, young child. No matter how much you try hard to accrue your dividends for the whole life, your pathetic dividends finally become the shares for feeding the monks when you die. Well, my child, we Burmese are very smart to understand not to overindulge in pursuing this never fulfilling philistine end of the body. We are also enlightened enough to see the life as senseless, purposeless and meaningless at its real end. Certainly, you are too overwhelmed by Ah-Dharma concepts to see this other version of truth. Ha Ha, see yourself at this time at the near end of your life, all your thoughtful brain so aggrandized from your lifelong learning is nothing more worthy than Valium (diazepam) to relieve your pain when you are to face the hellish heat of the Black hole. That is humanity, my child, indeed, certain, and inevitable”.

The junta thinks they are now victorious.

“So what can you say, Bamakin. We assert that humanity is the body is true for both the pursuit of happiness and recognition of the worthlessness of human life at their opposite pole. You probably don’t notice why we could rule the Burmese so long despite all these brutal treatments, and why the Burmese can be so contented living in their abject poverty for such tedious long years is because they are very mature to understand the worthlessness of this filthy human body that is just for hosting worms and different countless pathogens who enjoy living there. As if a worm is still happy for its place among those filthy stuff in a pit latrine, so it is humans have ability to find the pleasure for their nervous bodies no matter how bad their situation is, while recognizing their useless ends of human life in ultimatum- that is reflected completely in his majesty's holy, absolute slogan Humanity is the body ”.

Bamakin is so silent with a grinned smile indifferent to all sententious words of his Royal Highness’s servants, the Burmse junta and Kyaw Hsan. His Royal Highness feels that rather than getting the secrets of what Bamakin’s thoughts hold, his servants are unraveling all the knots and knacks of their invincible matrix of Burmese military dictatorship. They need to solicit the hold of their enemy to buttress their overprotection of this supreme monarchy. His majesty flies into the interrogation.

“Dog, your countenance is showing that you still don’t agree with humanity is the body. Then tell me what you think. What is humanity?”

Bamakin smiles and his face looks as graceful as Almighty God.
He dictates these words in front of all his ignorant enemies.

“Humanity is the duty”

(To be cont…Humanity as moral imperative)

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LionHeart said...

btw heroes ever born in myanmar? catching the shadow of wind, people do pretend to know the sermon (le than phan taranar) i suspect the standards of the mass' interpretation on the definition of heroes (burmese heroes specially)

MG said...

My response to this comment is it will be very dangerous to him/herself or even to the whole human society if somebody regards himself as a hero.

Hero is just a fictional character arising from yearning of your mind, who on behalf of yourself fictionally possess the great or ( in more ignorant situations- perfectly great attributes *that is not uncommon assumption*). It can be safely assured that the nomination of a hero is just a hypothetical reflexivity of your good (better) and great (greater) self. This hidden fact can be easily recognized by noticing the fact that the term hero itself implies a sense of perfection. The deadly dangerous part of this sense of perfection is entitlement of a hero’s taking action (whatever whimsical) as morally justified and is presumed to be accepted as an action with a rational reason. Absolutely, hero worship will become utterly dangerous to and is spoiling humanity at this point.

I agreed with Burmakin’s position in Nothing in the universe to everything in the universe 3, that states that only the moral principles can decide whether a person is moral or not, and by no means it can be supposed that the honor of a person, social status or even a spiritual status are the entitlement for this person’s action to be always regarded as acceptably rational and morally justified.

As described in Paharada’s Suttra, we humans are too much under the influence of prejudices to abruptly gain the perfect enlightenment (more definite interpretation can be the understanding of the Middle Way, or perhaps much more definite, trying to keep oneself on the Middle Way). Presuming oneself as a hero means this person’s lack of awareness of human psychological weaknesses in many ways, implying that this person will never be getting on the Middle Way. Perhaps, self-actualization at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be the start of a humble person who illuminates his mistakes on his previous presumption of “my sainthood” and “my heroism”) by recognizing his vulnerably reflexive mental fragility as a human being. As Karl Poppers noted, all those great, the historically long-lived, and seemingly invincible scientific theories are no longer valid if a single experiment is able to prove one deviation from their axioms in its trial results. Human knowledge is as brittle as it is. Idolatry on heroism is directly opposite to this fact, for heroism affirms that humanity has achieved its certain ends, and the means achieved by heroism are soundly and morally justified, tending to impose (in many cultures strictly imposing) that everybody must follow this heroic way. Let’s us deeply understand this imperfect human nature of mankind as stated by those great sages who wanted us to humble our arrogant human nature in justifying our ways of thinking and vindicating rationality of our problem-solving. Accorded with those great sages' acknowledgment,not a single soul of herohood has ever been born. Even Lord Buddha was not a jack-of-all trades to solve these problems of mankind. As a matter of fact, that is what I like to stress here, there is no place for hero worship for an evolutionary progress in humanity as denoted by Daw Aung San Su Kyi.

MG (Teacher)

Jimmy said...

What else should I say, Burmakin.

The mismanagement of allocated resources ( donors' funds) of these world institutions are probably not less than that of perfidious Burmese regime.
Well, they are boisterous in saying international laws and human rights, whereas the regime blatantly violates them. Just for the paper and multimedia difference.

Burmese people in extreme poverty are entitled to resources dedicated for them. How squandered resources by inefficiency of these organizations- these orgs are fully managed by the bureaucrats,the tawdry, the non-proactive, the non-respectful of local voices,the non-observed, the non-knowledgeable, the non-professional level staff! Just junks in the garbage???

In economic aspect, both sides (the regime and the world institutions) are blatantly violating rights of Burmese. Just I mourn the rightless Burmese,those fully pauperized regarded as non-respectable by both sides,the officially treacherous (regime), and the officially magnanimous with accursed futility in all their procedures (IGOs,INGOs,UN special agencies).


Anonymous said...

First of all, buy a dictionary before reading Burmakin's posts:-)

Anonymous said...

But I really appreciate the quality of writing in this post.