Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Her choice

On the way of return
full of exhaust, from my farm

She implored me in this morning

she would like to put on Jasmine;

Had I plucked the buds,

hopefully, I could have a hug;

Now I saw a vague shape

That's my beauty queen,

My heart thumping,
rush for her amaze

But the lady's hair, full of grace

Not with Jasmine that was borne

with royal roses and thorns

(Translated from a Burmese poem by Leonard Aung Khine)


Burma said...

Ko Aung Khine,

I think you are confused Sabe and Kharay. The original poem was Khare flowers and not Sabe flowers(Jasmines)

Nyi Pu

Anonymous said...

The poem is still lovely!!