Monday, October 29, 2007

While we were sleeping in our dreams

Dear Magali,

When I was in the Washington Botanical Garden, I took a place under a big shady leaf. I
saw my life back and queued," how many times I could sit peacefully breathing the natural breeze under the cool shelter of a tree, equanimized, free from any mourn and sigh, just the very enjoyment of quietness".

When the Vijara prince, the gallant with the army, marched to genocide all the Nepalese,Buddha was walking in the sun that is on the inside border of Nepal. The prince asked Buddha, "Why you don't take the shelter in spite of seeing so shady trees?". Buddha said to him, "Prince, for the shelter of relatives is cooler". I sighed how you have lost a relative that is cooler than this shady tree of Washington or the trees 2500 years ago outside border of Nepal
However, we try to validate to think we come to the world for seeking happiness always hungry for better utility (satisfaction). Notwithstanding," Death has tided all humans away while they are sleeping in their dreams". That is the undeniable truth Buddha alarmed the people. I hope you and all the people to be awakened from the sorrows as well as that virtual happiness of our dreams.


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