Monday, October 29, 2007

Love is happiness?

For those who want to listen to my critique about happiness,

Today, I was working in the dining services. The two old American women(workers at the dinning services) were very happy at seeing a very ugly African janitor man (as ugly as Sams, Furray and Troussay) who always hold a smile with his spiritual compassion towards everybody.

He was pushing a very heavy trash bin. These two old American women hugged him in joy. This guy, Andree whose one side of hand was always imprisoned by this heavy trash, hugged them back with the only remaining arm that could sense the taste of Democracy. He was also really happy to hug these two old American women with grey hair in their heads (who could no longer be as beautiful as Marwa or Elizabeth or Anna or Rana) (I need not to forget my two beautiful TAs in this list for sake of my happiness in grades). These old people kissed each other, smiled at each other, talked stupid things at each other and burst out into laughter. You can imagine how happy they were at that moment.

I explored my curious mind why these people should be so happy. They were working at the minimal salary and the hardest jobs for their old ages; apparently in comparison with us, lost all the youthfulness and great chances and great aspirations in life, still they could freely enjoy the sense of happiness. I don't think his Excellency, George W Bush couldn't have been happier for "the very moment" these three old men in the poorest strata met together.

My question is why these old poor man and women can be so happy among the restraints and mourns of life. I believe it is the love that determines this moment. One of the greatest moments for your life can be that you begin to know that you love somebody and you are convinced that you are being loved.

Looking for happiness that is to be loved,


Myo said...

They were happy because they were not thinking nor seeking the happiness. The paradox is that if you look for something fluffy like happiness, the moment you touch(think) that one, it will be gone.

Myo said...

So, happiness needs a salt of ignorance. :-)
mna, AD 2007